Hack Club Presents

Haunted House

A Halloween-themed mini-hackathon for high-schoolers in Toronto.

What is it?

Haunted House Toronto is an in-person free event where high schoolers will come together regardless of experience for a day of learning, making and having fun. You'll get the chance to make games and websites, your imagination is your limit! At the end, we'll be making rooms for a virtual haunted house for your projects!


Join us! We'd love to have you at Haunted House Toronto!



Who's running this?

We're a group of teenagers, supported by Hack Club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit global network (based in the U.S.) and a network of student-led coding clubs and high school makers. Founded in 2014, Hack Clubs are now in nearly 400 high schools with 10,000 students each year. Last May, we also ran AngelHacks Toronto, a game jam for 50 highschoolers in the GTA

What is hacking?

No, we're not “hacking” bank accounts. Hacking is a term for coding apps, games, websites etc. It's safe and entirely educational.

Will there be food & supervision?

There will be free food and refreshments. Workshops and activities will be held throughout the event. Adult supervision will be present at all times with access restricted to participants.

Photos from AngelHacks Toronto